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California Rifle Works started as an idea to bring a level of customization not readily seen in the E-Commerce community. While plenty of companies offer their own versions of complete uppers, few, if any, create in the same manner that an enthusiast would on their own. The challenge with building uppers for many consumers is the lack of resources available to them. For example, here in California the rent on a 1 bedroom apartment in an "acceptable" area starts at $1600. In that 1 bedroom apartment, where are you supposed to put your workbench and vise? How about your drill press to install front sight bases. Welding? Don't think so. 

We want to offer firearm enthusiasts the ability to have what they want, which is why we offer pre-built uppers from a variety of manufacturers and configurations. Soon, we will also be offering the ability for you to just pick and choose the pieces you want, and about a week later your upper will arrive on your door. 

Our original background is in the automotive industry, specifically the aftermarket/racing arena. We worked with high end manufacturers all around the world to build high performance machines built for the racetrack, along with consumers who wanted to build the car of their dreams. The industries are very similar and our goal is the same, to give you the machine which meets the expectations you set for it. Whether it is a weekend plinker for the best possible price, or a high precision long range rifle capable of reaching out to 1000yds, we can supply and assemble it for you...now hitting the target, that is up to you.

Welcome to California Rifle Works.