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AR15 Complete Uppers

California Rifle Works offers assembled uppers with components from top brands along with our own products. Our components vary based upon availability, but we assure you that we only use products that we have personal experience with. Due to ever-changing availability, our prices may fluctuate; we will do our best to offer you the best value.

We frequently offer in-house assembled Aero Precision Uppers. Check back periodically as we put them up as components allow. All items on the upper will be Aero Precision.

We try and offer 3 different levels of uppers:


This is perfect for those looking to build their first rifle, plinking, or home defense. These are all mil-spec components with choices made to offer the best price we can to get you an upper. Barrels in this group are often Bear Creek, Diamondback, Inter Ordnance, or Anderson.


This is for those looking to step up their rifle with a higher quality barrel and components. You may see some different types of upper parts used to add some style along with higher end barrels. These builds can be both in-house or manufacturer assembled.

Manufacturers include: KAK, CMMG, Ballistic Advantage, Faxon, Rosco, Yankee Hill Machine, Strike Industries, Bravo Company, Colt, Midwest Industries, Aero Precision

High End

You know what you want, and that is all you will accept. Expect to see billet upper receivers and precision barrels such as Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) ones. Manufacturers include:  Noveske, Daniel Defense, Spike's, Lantac, FN, Geissele, Seekins, Criterion


We also offer the ability to customize aspects of your build. Perhaps you want a KAK CHF barrel, but you prefer the A2 front sight base as opposed to the floating handguard option. Look for the ability soon to be able to customize every aspect of your build online, but in the meantime feel free to contact us with your idea. We'll quote you a price and ask for a 50% deposit to start the build.


If the item is instock, it is there with actual pictures of the build both by itself and on a lower so that you can see what it looks like. We do offer the ability to pre-order variants that we know we either have incoming or are being prepared to be assembled. The product's description will be clear as to the status of the item. We will not post an item as being for sale unless we know that we have every single component in transit. This will keep us from quoting long wait times since it does not take longer than a week for us to receive a shipment from anywhere in the country. Your pre-order will be prioritized and be assembled as soon as it comes in.