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Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage is one of the top AR barrel manufacturers in the United States. As the barrel maker for Aero Precision, they consistently produce high quality barrels the in the following calibers: <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/ballistic-advantage-556-nato-barrels/">556 NATO</a>, <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/ballistic-advantage-223-wylde-barrels/">223 Wylde</a>, <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/ballistic-advantage-9mm-barrels/">9mm</a>, and <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/ballistic-advantage-308-win-barrels/">308 Win</a>.

They are probably best known for their <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/ballistic-advantage-hanson-barrels/">Hanson barrels</a> which include a pinned low profile gas block on a specially designed barrel which provides a lightweight feel without the limitations that are present in other manufacturer's light barrels.

Be sure to match these barrels up to one of Aero Precision's <a href="https://californiarifleworks.com/aero-precision-upper-receivers/">Upper Receivers</a> for a formidable pairing.