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Customized Rifles on Demand: A Short Guide

Customized Rifles on Demand: A Short Guide

May 17th 2021

A rifle is a weapon that can be fired from the shoulder, and has a single projectile through the bore of the rifle for every single pull of the trigger. There are different models with varying configurations. Rifles came into existence in the 1700s as until then only muskets and cannons could fire such single projectiles.

The significant improvement over earlier weaponry was that the inside of the barrel had spiral grooves that allowed the bullet or projectile to spin, which in turn made the trajectory more stable and was more accurate.

Components of a rifle

Cartridge: A cartridge has a casing, a primer, bullet, and a chamber that contains powder. When a shot is fired from the rifle, the trigger mechanism hits the primer and the bullet travels through the barrel.

Magazine: A magazine can be spring-loaded or in a tube that extends the length of the barrel, with the cartridges stored internally or externally.

Action: The action of a rifle is defined by the way the cartridge is loaded, fired, and expelled from the tube or the magazine.

Types of rifles

Bolt-action rifles use a metal handle sticking out of the right side, behind the chamber. It offers an upward, backward, and forward movement that allows a user to eject a spent cartridge, load a new one, and close the chamber before firing.

Lever-action rifles use a handle behind the trigger, which pulls the cartridge out of the tube along the barrel and loads it into the chamber for firing.

Semi-automatic rifles have become popular because the user will need only a single action to get into a firing position. Then, the action automatically discharges the old and reloads the new with each pull and release of the trigger.

Pump-action rifles have a slide mechanism built around the barrel that ejects and reloads cartridges simultaneously.

Break-action rifles, also known as hinge-action rifles, have barrels with hinges that open like a door and allow the loading and unloading of cartridges.

Uppers and lowers of rifles

With all the different kinds of rifles available in the market, it is easy to see why individual preference takes precedence and that is where customization also comes in. For instance, the upper and lower receivers that are 2 halves of a receiver in rifles – uppers include the barrel and the bolt, lowers include the magazine and the firing mechanism – with companies offering extensive customization.

Customized rifles

If you are knowledgeable about rifles, you would know how much of the assembling you can accomplish in your homes. Obviously, you will need the tools and the space to assemble your rifles. Instead, you could also get a pre-assembled upper delivered to you. The best source would be one that provides pre-built uppers where you get to pick and choose the parts and the configurations you want. All you need to do is look for them in the e-commerce space and place your orders.