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Magazine Capacity Laws For Each State

Magazine Capacity Laws For Each State

Mar 17th 2021

When it comes to responsible gun ownership, it is crucial to understand your state’s gun laws. Gun laws span carry restrictions to ammunition requirements; being up to date on current gun laws will ensure your legal protection as a gun owner.

Magazine capacity limits exist in most U.S. states. Restrictions on magazine capacity vary from state to state, and some cities even have their laws, of which you should also be aware. Depending on where you live, you may need to compromise to abide by the current magazine capacity limits. But you do have options, and you need to know the laws so that you can decide what to do about your large-capacity magazines.

Reasons For Magazine Capacity Limits

There has been much dialogue surrounding the reasons for magazine capacity limits. While several reasons exist, one of the most common reasons is that restricting magazine capacity saves lives. The unfortunate events of mass shootings have ushered in that the devastation can be decreased if the shooter has to reload more frequently. This theory suggests that actions can be taken to eliminate the shooter and or possible targets can escape during periods of reloading.

Another reason for magazine capacity limits is the idea that a mass shooter would have fewer bullets to commit their crime, decreasing casualties and injuries of victims. However, these limits apply equally to law-abiding citizens and our ability to defend ourselves adequately. All in all, fewer bullets lower the chances of self-protection.

States With Magazine Capacity Limits

California Limit 10 rounds/ rebuild kits grandfathered in

Colorado Limit 15 rounds (Pistols & Long guns)

Connecticut Limit 10 rounds (Pistols & Long guns)

Hawaii Limit 10 rounds (Handguns only)

Illinois Aurora Limit 15 rounds (Long guns only)

Chicago Limit 12 rounds (Long guns only)

Franklin Park Limit 16 rounds (Long guns only)

Oak Park Limit 10 rounds (Long guns only)

Riverdale Limit 35 rounds (Long guns only)

Maryland Limit 10 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) High capacity grandfathered

Massachusetts Limit 10 rounds (Rifles & Pistols)- unless Class A or B Permit

New Jersey Limit 15 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) LEO/Military Exemption

New York State Limit 10 rounds (Long guns & Pistols) LEO exemption

Ohio Limit 30 rounds (Long guns & Pistols)

Washington DC Limit 10 rounds

As a law-abiding gun owner, it is your responsibility to remain aware of gun laws and up-to-date on your state and city ordinances. The more you understand the gun laws, the better you can prepare and protect yourself. California Rifle Works values our loyal customers, and we strive to help you stay an informed firearm owner.